Caroline Lindsay applies an evidence based approach to problems of poor performance in humans, horses and dogs yet remains open to any holistic therapy for which the benefits are observable. Her specialist interest is the muscular and neuromuscular system, in particular proprioception. Her opinion is that the muscular system is truly dynamic and represents a palpable history of the moving body. Her Sports Therapy degree programme focused on how to interpret a wealth of information from the tone, degree of development and balance of the muscular system, often highlighting training issues and causes of old injuries, just by assessing the quality and health of individual muscles, muscle groups and postural geometry as well as gait.

Caroline uses a combination of gait analysis, manipulation, myofascial release technique, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular technique, sports and remedial massage, Equine Touch, Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy (Biomag), Phototherapy (LASER), Long Wave Ultrasound and Equissage Mechanical Massage as well as all-important specialised rehabilitative exercise therapy and saddle fit checking. Caroline has been trained in Dry Needling Techniques for resolution of musculoskeletal conditions in humans. First treatments are typically 1 to 1.5 hours and follow-up treatments 45 minutes.

Caroline believes that, in her experience, treating a chronic movement problem predominantly with specialist remedial exercise is more likely to bring about a permanent, long term solution compared with hands on human, equine, canine therapy techniques alone. She has found that most sub-clinical back problems can be resolved by identifying weak areas of the posture and correcting it by applying a wide range of special manipulation, soft tissue manipulation and exercise therapy techniques, with careful consideration of associated ergonomics. She involves owners as far as possible in helping with their animal’s progress so that treatment can continue in between visits.

In freelance practice since 1999, Caroline is qualified and trained to help humans, horses and dogs with a wide range of subclinical chronic musculoskeletal problems. She is typically asked to help with back pain problems, which can adversely affect quality and enjoyment of life, the painful restrictions impacting on range of motion and, in turn, comfort levels. Adding a wide range of training courses since graduating, Caroline is trained to restore full and competitive performance in human, equine and canine athletes, breaking that chronic cycle of restriction, pain/discomfort to restore quality, healthy movement. Her typical equine clients compete in eventing, show jumping, dressage, Jump Cross, Trek, hunting, showing, racing, carriage driving, film and stunt work, but just as many are non-competitive. Most of her cases are clinically sound horses with a sore back, or other back problem, not ‘going forward’, perhaps napping or with poor performance, training or behavioural problems on the flat or over jumps.

Typical cases are young competition horses, at the start of their schooling, or older competitive and non-competitive horses who their owners feel that they should be able to perform so much better. They may have associated atlas, neck pain or restrictions, or saddle fitting issues causing behavioural problems. In Caroline’s experience, where comprehensive veterinary investigation has found no clinical cause and the animal is in apparently sound musculoskeletal health, most back problems, low back problems, sore backs, cold backs, associated rearing, general poor performance, bucking and napping and other behavioural problems, ultimately have their roots in a poor posture, causing painful loading/overloading issues on associated structures.

In cases where primary clinical conditions have been diagnosed, treating the secondary conditions can help bring about a successful and often a speedier treatment outcome. Treating only the secondary compensations with manual therapy and without veterinary intervention, however, will not permanently resolve a clinical condition. This is why Caroline is fully committed to liaising directly with your vet about your animal’s condition where necessary.

She is also a Master Saddle Fitting Consultant with a special interest in saddle fitting for the horse in rehabilitation

Caroline carries out equine and canine therapy in North Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and South Suffolk. She also travels to Ireland several times yearly. She has never refused to help an animal so if you think she can help, do contact her and she will do her best to help you.



"I truly believe in Caroline Lindsay and her hands-on techniques for my young horses right from the start of their careers to help them achieve their full potential"

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Irish International Young Rider Eventing team member.

"Team Naprous really benefit 100% after a visit from Caroline!"

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Four in Hand International Carriage Driver

"Caroline has worked wonders for Dodge.  It’s been an amazing experience watching her at work and also using the exercises she has taught me to do to help him recover from spinal injury after I found him paralysed from chasing a tennis ball. Very good indeed."

Biggleswade, Hertfordshire

"I really enjoyed spending days out with you and always learned so much! I do believe that my gaining a merit has a lot to do with your teaching – so thank you !"


"Working alongside Caroline Lindsay has been a very rewarding experience as she has helped us no end with both horses, achieving the impossible of rehabilitating one of our horses who we were told would never compete again!  We could not manage without her!"

EMMA LASKEY  BE Intermediate rider.

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