Top veterinary physiotherapist Caroline Lindsay is a key member of the team that got the youngest Three Day Event rider with the smallest horse to the 2012 Olympics.
Caroline asks:

How could you reach your full athletic potential
if your neck or back hurt and nobody knew
until you could no longer perform?

Many horses even with very subtle, tolerable signs of discomfort will keep trying their hardest until muscular discomfort prevents them from working at all and you may not find out until then. Taking a proactive, hands-on role in resolving your horse’s obvious signs of back or neck discomfort is extremely rewarding and is a great way to give back to your special friend who consistently gives all they’ve got to please you even when it’s miserably uncomfortable for them.

Here are the rewards when you can evaluate and address your horse’s neck and back comfort levels yourself:

Caroline Lindsay says: “Horses that consistently outperform the competition have their back and neck comfort constantly monitored by their owners. There really is absolutely no magic or mysticism attached to enhancing your horse’s back and neck comfort when you know what to look for, whether you ride or drive for competition or for pleasure. Being worked should always be a pleasure for the horse.

Now you, and especially your horse, can benefit from Caroline’s years of experience which has helped equestrian personalities such as consistent winner with young horses and Olympian 3 Day Eventer, Camilla Speirs and International Four In Hand Carriage Driver, Daniel Naprous, gain their competitive edge with ease.

Caroline features in a unique set of training DVDs simply bursting with professional information and industry secrets
which will guide you through a simple and straightforward evaluation process together with hands-on techniques and back & neck suppling exercises to train your horse for success by achieving greater back comfort.

Topics covered are:

This set of 3 DVDs on offer are the first in a sensational new series guiding horseowners, trainers, vets, riding school proprietors, dealers, professional riders and animal therapists about how to roll up their sleeves and make a difference to the many horses that rely on their carers to pick up on and voice their back and neck discomfort.

If you’ve ever had back or neck pain yourself you will know how debilitating it is as well as how unrealistic it would be if somebody were to chase you off to work with no knowledge of your discomfort and then to expect outstanding results!

This set is available for just £67.95 – the average cost of just one visit from a veterinary physiotherapist or even just one inexpensive rug!

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"I truly believe in Caroline Lindsay and her hands-on techniques for my young horses right from the start of their careers to help them achieve their full potential"

(Click for Camilla's FaceBook page)
Irish International Young Rider Eventing team member.

"Team Naprous really benefit 100% after a visit from Caroline!"

(Click for Daniel's biography)

Four in Hand International Carriage Driver

"Caroline has worked wonders for Dodge.  It’s been an amazing experience watching her at work and also using the exercises she has taught me to do to help him recover from spinal injury after I found him paralysed from chasing a tennis ball. Very good indeed."

Biggleswade, Hertfordshire

"I really enjoyed spending days out with you and always learned so much! I do believe that my gaining a merit has a lot to do with your teaching – so thank you !"


"Working alongside Caroline Lindsay has been a very rewarding experience as she has helped us no end with both horses, achieving the impossible of rehabilitating one of our horses who we were told would never compete again!  We could not manage without her!"

EMMA LASKEY  BE Intermediate rider.

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