All sessions presented by Caroline Lindsay in Hertfordshire or Cambridgeshire, UK.

Sessions are aimed at equine therapists, vets and other professionals allied to equine therapy. The Saddle Checking session is suitable for horse owners as well as practitioners. Hands on therapy seminars open only to qualified equine therapists/students of equine therapy where it is assumed that they are trained and qualified to a) evaluate any technique for its clinical suitability b) apply the technique deduced from their clinical reasoning c) perform the technique safely and competently.

  • Students welcome.
  • Certificates given for 6 hours attendance (12 hours for 2 day workshops)
  • Any questions, contact Caroline Lindsay

U.S. Chiropractor Dr Daniel Kamen’s Equine Manipulation
and Mobilisation Techniques

Daniel Kamen has endorsed Caroline Lindsay to run his 2 day seminar/workshop in the UK and says "I know these techniques are in great hands with you.  I enthusiastically endorse you and your teaching ability."

Working only within/towards the normal range of joint motion to potentially resolve mild restrictions, during this session you will learn how to perform a variety of fast, effective mobilisation techniques to compliment your existing knowledge of equine therapy. Author of "The Well Adjusted Horse", Daniel Kamen is a leading American Chiropractor who has been successfully manipulating horses and teaching the techniques for decades. He has developed a comprehensive range of 30 separate manipulation techniques that can help mobilise virtually all joints involved in equine sports performance for comfort enhancement.  Caroline Lindsay travelled to America in 1995 to learn the techniques from Daniel and has hosted his only visits to the UK to hold his sell-out seminars.  She has been using his techniques for two decades on every horse that she treats, with excellent results.  In her experience, combining Daniel Kamen's manipulation techniques with soft tissue therapy makes for a powerful treatment session and complements a wide range of modalities.

100% hands on, this session will cover the head, TMJ, atlas, axis, neck, shoulder, forelimb, withers, mid back, lumbar, pelvis, hindlimb and tail.

The Equine Bodyworker’s Guide to Saddle Checking,
including Manual Techniques

Also suitable for horseowners who wish to learn how to check saddles and backs. Therapists have a different perspective on saddle checking compared with a saddle fitter since they are usually called in when the horse's movement is restricted, when back problems are suspected. Following a lecture on saddle checking and the problems encountered by the equine therapist, you will learn how to evaluate the horse's existing saddle for any restrictions affecting the horse's back. You will then learn how to identify and resolve mild to moderate back muscle discomfort with a selection of fast effective techniques. A variety of horses and their saddles are used for this session.


This will focus on the areas covered on the Daniel Kamen Manipulation and Mobilisation Techniques session as a soft tissue technique to optimise mobilisations. Equine Trigger Point Therapy based on the work of the late Jack Meagher will also be covered.  Caroline Lindsay began learning and applying these powerful techniques as a Sports Therapy undergraduate working with human patients and with Ruth Mitchell Golladay 16 years ago on her 5 day course and has been adding to the modality with her training and experience ever since. Group members will NOT be required to practise on each other before working on the horses. This session will cover TMJ, poll, neck, chest, forelimb, vertebrae, ribs, pelvis, hip joint and castration scar.

Interpreting Trot Ups –
How to Formulate SUCCESSFUL Treatment Goals.

The group will trot up a variety of horses for assessment and formulation of individual treatment goals. This will include interpreting history, conformation, gait analysis, palpation, range of motion, saddle and environmental assessment, muscle tone, condition and development to effectively target the issues presented for treatment. Further emphasis will be on relating what you see to injury factors and stressors associated with the horse presented to you, individual rehabilitation programmes, exercise prescription and after care for each horse trotted up.

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"I truly believe in Caroline Lindsay and her hands-on techniques for my young horses right from the start of their careers to help them achieve their full potential"

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Irish International Young Rider Eventing team member.

"Team Naprous really benefit 100% after a visit from Caroline!"

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Four in Hand International Carriage Driver

"Caroline has worked wonders for Dodge.  It’s been an amazing experience watching her at work and also using the exercises she has taught me to do to help him recover from spinal injury after I found him paralysed from chasing a tennis ball. Very good indeed."

Biggleswade, Hertfordshire

"I really enjoyed spending days out with you and always learned so much! I do believe that my gaining a merit has a lot to do with your teaching – so thank you !"


"Working alongside Caroline Lindsay has been a very rewarding experience as she has helped us no end with both horses, achieving the impossible of rehabilitating one of our horses who we were told would never compete again!  We could not manage without her!"

EMMA LASKEY  BE Intermediate rider.

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